Zebuu Tea Tree Wellness Parcel


The cleansing and uplifting fragrance of tea tree!

Take good care of self with a collection of tea tree soap, essential oil, and masala incense.

Each Zebuu wellness kit contains:

 -a 10 ml bottle of tea tree essential oil from Goloka in Bangalore, India. Use in a diffuser. Make a face mist or body spray. Dab on pulse points after your bath.

 -a box of handcrafted masala tea tree incense sticks by Goloka.

 -a 3.5 oz bar of natural soap made with tea tree, black willow bark, eucalyptus, olive oil, and black charcoal. Use daily on face and body. Take a wash on the wild side. Made by the kind and thoughtful artisans at Wild Soap in Manor, Texas.

Free! A complimentary cotton washcloth. Made in India. Scrub a dub.

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